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Elaine SpencerElaine Spencer joined the Knight Agency in 2005 after graduating from the University of Georgia with a degree in economics and comparative literature. Over the last decade Elaine has placed over 200 titles in a wide variety of subgenres to every major publisher in the marketplace. Elaine keeps a focused client list as it is most important to her to be able to work closely with her clients through each step of the publishing process, from a manuscript’s inception all the way through publication, promotion, subrights management, and beyond. She enjoys seeing her clients grow as authors, and one of her favorite parts of the job is working side by side with her clients to educate them about not only about the process but also the business at large. Elaine is a member of RWA and the WFWA and is also an AAR recognized agent. She is interested in a wide-variety of subgenres including but not limited to romance, women’s fiction, young adult and middle grade material. You can follow Elaine on Twitter at @Elainespencer.

I’m currently accepting a wide range of commercial fiction projects. I’m always on the lookout for strong romance and women’s fiction manuscripts as well as historical fiction, young adult and middle grade works.

In women’s fiction I’m most drawn to emotionally-riveting tales that explore cultural taboos or current event “hot topics”. I also enjoy stories that center on family dynamics and the mysteries and secrets that exist within their confines.

In historical fiction I enjoy projects from the early 1900s forward but do not typically like those stories set in the American West. I would love to find a project centered on coming to America. I also very much enjoy stories centered on little known events in American history or retellings from a secondary character in a well-known historical story.

For Romance I am looking for smart contemporaries, particularly those with humor. I would love to see stories with strong heroines that are smart and funny and not ashamed or beat down by their own individuality. I am a little burnt-out on the small town setting and would love to find some exotic locales or city-set stories. In romance I’m also looking for romantic suspense and category projects. I would consider paranormal or urban fantasy projects but the voice really would need to blow me away in this tighter space.

In young adult and middle grade I’m looking for strong voices that accurately depict today’s reader. These genres are driven by voice and an author’s ability to succinctly capture the emotional capacity and headspace of that demographic.

I also am on the lookout for cozy mysteries although I don’t specifically know *what* it is I’m looking for. When I see it I’ll know it, so, if you’ve got it, pitch it!

Other random things that always make me take note – stories about food, wine, dogs, world-travel, sororities, secret societies or clubs, athletic endeavors, photography, decorating and southern culture.

Pitch will be read: May 15, 2017

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