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Elizabeth May is an Editorial Assistant at Kensington Publishing Corp. She is a graduate of Emerson College in Boston, and taught English Language abroad for several years before returning to her first love of reading and book publishing. She loves working with authors and being able to read romance and working with books is literally her dream job. She is currently accepting queries for romance in all subgenres. You can follow her on Twitter  @LizMay05, or query email to emay@kensingtonbooks.com.


Pitch will be read: April 15, 2017

Pitching Guidelines can be found HERE.

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  1. TITLE: Wings of Fate
    GENRE: Fantasy with paranormal elements
    LENGTH: 101,000 words
    AUTHOR: Sabrina Crestwood

    Meghan is Summoned to help the grigor in the battle against the Shadow Masters. She is taught to manipulate the Light, to change energy to matter. On the personal front, she is dismayed to learn that women must approach the men.

    Keitar is a grigor flight leader, a warrior who can shift into a winged lion. He volunteers as her guard and puts himself in her path. Meghan is powerful and their joining infuses him with more Light, so he becomes a being of legend: a gold grigor. He can purge Shadow; he can merge minds and he can fly further. Unfortunately, these gifts come at a price: he could lose his humanity.

    When Meghan is kidnapped, his attempt at rescue ends in his own capture. Meghan throws Light around them but only she can leave the Globe of Light unscathed. He is willing to die for her but hopes it is unnecessary, believing that their love is enough to infuse him in Light, so that he can become a layer a smoke around Meghan. Thus protected, Meghan can expand the Globe.
    Only by working together can Keitar and Meghan destroy the Shadow Masters

  2. Broken Road
    Mary Bentley-Lloyd

    At rock bottom, with a secret she dare not reveal, Kelly seeks sanctuary at her Gran’s to find healing from a devastating loss she thinks is punishment for playing God. Luke, her grandmother’s young friend feels compelled to befriend her, to help her find her faith again. Both, jaded by past relationships, only seek friendship but as romance develops, an old flame of his is set on keeping them apart.

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