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Erin Niumata has been in publishing for over twenty-five years. She started as an editorial assistant at Simon and Schuster in the Touchstone/Fireside division for several years; then moved over to Harper Collins as an editor, and then she went to Avalon Books as the Editorial Director. Erin has edited many authors including Leon Uris, Stuart Woods, Erica Jong, Brenda Maddox, Lawrence Otis Graham, Joan Rivers, and more. She has represented NY Times Bestselling cowboy romance writer Carolyn Brown, pet expert Sandy Robins, Discovery Channel’s Fast N Loud, North America,  Diesel Brothers, Shark Week and Cash Cab; TLC’s – The Cake Boss and Extreme Couponing; Animal Planet’s Too Cute, Finding Big Foot, River Monsters, and Puppy Bowl; inspirational speaker Josh Shipp, graffiti artist/speed-painter/inspiration speaker Erik Wahl, founder Amy Clark, former gangster turned dog groomer James Guiliani, Skin care expert and co-founder of SoKo Glam Charlotte Cho, Greenwich Girl founder Laura McKittrick and many more. She’s worked on 28 NY Times Bestsellers.

What I am looking for:

Fiction: commercial women’s fiction, romance, historical fiction, mysteries, psychological thrillers, suspense, humor. I love sassy Southern and/or British heroines.

Nonfiction: self-help, women’s issues, pop culture and humor, pet care/pets, TV tie-ins, and anything blogger. I do love blogs!

What I am not looking for:

Absolutely no poetry, short story collections, business, travel memoirs, no fantasy, time travel, definitely NO VAMPIRES, middle grade, YA, or picture books.

Conclusion: She represents commercial nonfiction, from prescriptive and practical to narrative, as well as a select list of fiction including mysteries, psychological thrillers, and commercial women’s fiction. She is particularly looking for expert, celebrity, and company clients with strong national platforms, as well as debut fiction.

Pitch will be read: July 17, 2017

Pitching Guidelines can be found HERE.

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PITCH (under 200 words):


    GENRE: Commercial Womens Fiction
    WORD COUNT: 98,000 Words
    AUTHOR: Fallon DeMornay

    23 year old Priyanka Seth and her girlfriends swore a vow of Sisterhood eight years ago. Their motto? Chase dreams, not boys (or girls).

    She’s always been a girl with a plan. Arriving hungover and pantyless to a life changing interview, was definitely not part of it. As one of Harvard law’s magna cum laudes, she’s determined to snatch up a coveted one-year mentor-ship with a named partner at NYC’s premier litigation law firm. The catch? She’ll have to beat out twenty candidates for the prize like she’s in some warped episode of SUITS meets SURVIVOR.

    There’s only one who poses a true threat—and he might’ve seen her naked. Possibly. Too much tequila was involved to her to know for sure. Worst part? He’s the son of the firms founding partner—and the reason she showed up pantyless—out to prove he can step into his father’s shoes, and earn his place from the ground up.

    Priya isn’t afraid of hard work or getting her hands dirty, but when sparks fly between them, competitive and sexual, she will have to decide how far is she willing to go for her dreams?

    STILETTO SISTERHOOD is a feminist SEX AND THE CITY meets TRAVELLING PANTS commercial women’s fiction complete at 98,000 words, featuring a diverse/LGBT cast, told in multiple POV of Priya and her four ‘Sisters’ and will appeal to fans of Gemma Burgess and Ann Brashares.

    I am an RWA member, a Wattpad Star with a readership of 45,500. In 2016 I was twice reviewed by RT BOOK REVIEWS, featured in COSMO online magazine and a Top 3 CATHERINES finalist. I’ve recently parted ways with my agent, and am seeking new representation.

    Thank you for your time and consideration,


    ***This is the correct version, please ignore the previously posted query***

  2. Anonymous says:

    Agent: Erin Niumata
    Genre: Women’s fiction with elements of romance and mystery
    Word Count: 88,500
    Name: Hyacinthe M. Miller

    For two decades, 42-year-old, mixed race Kenora Tedesco set aside her ambitions for the sake of husband, children and a management job she despised. Her tidy suburban life swerves off course in 2013 when her mother dies suddenly, her husband trades her in for a younger model and she’s fired for insubordination.

    In danger of losing her money-pit house, she considers finding an undemanding older guy to pay the bills, but when no one in the Meet Market calls her number and her line of credit with the bank is past due, she can’t wait any longer for the perfect-whatever. The job market isn’t encouraging, but during her thirty-fifth awkward job interview, she charms her way into being hired as a trainee private investigator in mid-town Toronto.

    Who could have predicted that, during a year-long apprenticeship, this former soccer mom would toughen up and become a resourceful investigator, fall for her handsome boss, be stalked by an infatuated hacker, have her belly graffitied by a bandit, and declared dead by a drugstore pharmacist?

    Clever and creative, her go-it-alone attitude eventually puts her new job and budding romance at risk. She learns that being independent and competent are predicated on trusting herself and others, and accepts that starting over doesn’t mean she needs fixing. Adjusting to the important rules and being courageous enough to fight for what she deserves, gets her what she wants.

    The themes of resourcefulness and self-acceptance will appeal to a broad audience of readers familiar with Dominque Browning’s Slow Love and Elizabeth Berg’s The Day I Ate Whatever I Wanted.

    REINVENTION HUSTLE is the first book in the planned Kenora & Jake series. It is, however, a stand-alone novel.

    Thank you for your consideration.


    Hyacinthe M. Miller


    Genre: Romantic Mystery Thriller

    Word Count: 80,000-words

    Author: Diane L. Kowalyshyn

    Aliesa Atworth, Boston University’s brilliant stem-cell biochemist is continually pandering for money to fund her controversial research. When she returns from such a meeting she finds her laboratory in ruins and her best friend and lab assistant murdered.

    Elliot Vance’s war on drugs began after his kid sister died of a drug overdose. When he learns his estranged grandfather is a South American cartel kingpin, Van quits the DEA and strikes out on his own.

    A supplier under Van’s surveillance couriers Aliesa a shipment of cocaine he heads to Boston to intercept it. When he arrives he finds an active crime scene and discovers Aliesa’s assistant murdered because she wore Aliesa’s lab coat. Van pull strings and takes Aliesa into protective custody to work the case. Soon he realizes his personal vendetta led them back to South America where they must escape the clutches of his grandfather’s cartel. That’s when they learn this case has never been about cocaine—it’s been about Aliesa’s research all along. Her financial backer, a fortune-five-hundred pharmaceutical conglomerate would lose millions if her research rendered their current cancer treatments obsolete…and Panacea’s CEO will stop at nothing to suppress it…

    • Hi Diane, I’d love to see the first three chapters and the full synopsis for both Secret WEapons and Forbidden Fruit. Please send ASAP. Cheers – Erin


    Genre: Romantic Mystery Thriller

    Word Count: 81,000-words

    Author: Diane L. Kowalyshyn

    NSA Cryptologist, Ivory Dubois, is distraught when the admiral, her only father figure, is murdered. When she receives the classified DoD documents the admiral mailed on the day he died, her life turns sideways. The package contains a top-secret report on Bio-Ergonomic Enhancement (BEE), with instructions to personally place it in the hands of the President of the United States.

    Rig Mathers is ex-military and one of BEE’s latest subjects. He’s part of an elite force of highly specialized soldiers—a man who can hear a pin drop over a mile away. When his program mentor’s lives are threatened, he knows the BEE report delivered to the White House has been falsified.

    Ivory seeks out the BEE program mentors who insist she work with Rig to determine who wants this highly experimental program mainstreamed. It’s a race against time. They have five days to get the real BEE report to the President, vacationing in Martha’s Vineyard, before the veto window closes. All Ivory and Rig have to do is invade the offices of the Pentagon, the NSA, and the Hart Senate Building—lofty endeavors that make falling in love acts of treason…

  5. Title: Woe to the Wicked

    Genre: Commercial Women’s Fiction

    Length: 65,000 words

    Author: Judy Malcolm

    After being laid off, lab tech June Harber is grateful for a new job, even if it’s in pathology—the body parts department. But her gratitude diminishes when the other techs start giving her a hard time and a doctor keeps looking at her in funny ways with his vibrant blue eyes.

    Pathologist, Dr. Aram Hamid doesn’t expect his desire for the new technologist to override his logic. Initially, June resists Aram’s advances but soon she can’t deny her attraction . They fall into a deep, unfathomable love neither have experienced before, until now. With Aram, June is the happiest she’s ever been.

    Often the greatest highs trigger the lowest lows. Lethal lab errors force June to blow the whistle on a co-worker. Hated and targeted, Junes fears for her life. She needs Aram more than ever, but he unexpectedly breaks up with her and leaves town. June curses the day she got the job. Will she ever catch the person terrorizing her? And will her shattered heart ever love again?

  6. Virlana Kardash says:

    TITLE: Susanna Bailey and The Bag of Unknowns
    GENRE: Commercial Women’s Fiction, Suspense
    WORD COUNT: 81,000
    AUTHOR: VIrlana Kardash

    Susanna Bailey and The Bag of Unknowns is a sexy, sophisticated page turner.
    Fish-out-of-water court reporter Susanna Bailey finds stolen, classified information in her bag and the body of a witness on a Washington, D.C. park bench. Overnight, her life is torn apart as she untangles a treacherous web of espionage and wrongdoing. Her perilous journey takes her to Annapolis, Maryland and the gates of the Naval Academy.

    To complicate matters, Susanna, a 47-year-old widow, becomes embroiled in a steamy affair with sexy, dangerous Naval Intelligence officer Robert Crowell. Bound by secrecy, he can’t tell her that he is in the midst of a Department of Defense cover up and in a race against time to avert a catastrophe and retrieve a memory stick and illegal aerial photographs before they fall into enemy hands.

    As their affair progresses, the questions mount, and Susanna doesn’t know what to believe and whom to trust. How far will certain parties go to silence Susanna, and will she have the strength to do the right thing no matter the cost? Is Robert the best thing that’s ever happened to her or her worst nightmare?

  7. TITLE: The Botanist’s Daughter
    GENRE: Historical Romance
    WORD COUNT: 98,000 Words
    AUTHOR: Sharon Clare

    Hello Erin,

    The Botanist’s Daughter takes place in 1724 in New France. Reanne Tibeau fights to prove herself in a man’s world by pursuing her dream to study botany. When fur traders welcome her on a voyage through the backwoods, her confidence grows until she learns they need a bride to validate their trade contract.

    To escape the traders, she runs with Wakashon, their Indian guide, a beautiful man who enlightens her with his perspective and encourages her theories on healing. Although he pushes her to follow her dream, he also endangers her life with his quest to stop the brandy trade into Indian country. There’s no safe haven for Reanne with the Anishnabe people. She struggles against jealousy, betrayal, the secrets Wakashon keeps, and the traders who are hell bent on stealing her back.

    Their common struggle against societal customs becomes a fight for forbidden love until Reanne makes a brutal choice that could prove Wakashon right in his belief he is fated to lose everyone he loves.

    Thank you kindly for your consideration,


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