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Jennie Conway began her publishing career at St. Martin’s Press in 2015 after completing the Columbia Publishing Course. She has been lucky enough to work with a diverse group of award-winning and best-selling authors in both adult commercial fiction and young adult novels who make her job more amazing than she could have dreamed. Jennie graduated from the State University of New York at Geneseo. When she’s not reading, Jennie enjoys knitting, baking, and catching up on as many TV shows as possible.

Jennie is excited to be acquiring both adult commercial fiction and young adult novels that celebrate fresh voices with gripping plots and characters that stay with you long after the book is closed. She’s looking for romance, women’s fiction, cozy mystery and YA with diverse voices that have a fresh spin on the genres.

In romance, Jennie has a soft spot for contemporary geeky-related plots with meet-cute banter, stories set in Scotland or featuring Scottish men, and a good old fashioned mystery. She is looking for historical romances set in England or Scotland, along with contemporary rom-coms, romantic suspense, and romances with elements of fantasy or science-fiction.

In women’s fiction, she’s looking for both breezy, fun stories with strong female friendships and suspenseful, twisty stories that keep you reading late into the night. She loves everything from Gone Girl and In a Dark, Dark Wood to The Hating Game and The Royal We.

In YA, Jennie grew up on immersive fantasy and science fiction worlds where magic and strong friendships reign. She love stories that transport readers to another world, and she’s a huge fan of imaginative retellings. She is a fan of contemporary YA romance that is fueled by strong narrative voices that celebrate a diverse range of experiences.

Pitch will be read: September 15, 2017

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  1. TITLE: Steal My Heart
    GENRE: Contemporary Romance
    WORD COUNT: 52,000 words
    Patricia Dake writing as Aimee O’Brian

    Sex with a cat burglar is the #1 fantasy of LA’s top female detective. When Lexanne house-sits a mansion she plans to act out that fantasy with her new co-worker boyfriend, but a case of mistaken identity lands her a rollicking orgasm and imminent career disaster. Now all she has to do is get assigned to the case, recover the jewels and catch the culprit. The question is: What will she do with her sexy cat burglar once she catches him? Steal My Heart, a naughty contemporary romance complete at 50,000 words, takes a stiff look on how to find justice for the heart.

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