Pitching Guidelines

How to Prepare

  1. Read the editor or agent’s page on the TRW website thoroughly.
  2. Note the dates and times you will be able to pitch for each agent or editor.
  3. Note any special requests or requirements for each agent or editor.
  4. Read through the FAQs on Pitching.
  5. Read through past TRW pitches.

How You Know You are Ready

  1. Your book is complete and only requires a little polishing for submission.
  2. You have done your research and know which editors and agents your book is suitable for.
  3. You have a polished pitch.

How to Post Your Pitch

  1. Post your pitch in the comments on the editor or agent’s page on the TRW website.
  2. Follow this 3-line format unless otherwise indicated:



After the Pitch

Check back for your results on the date the editor or agent will be reading the pitches. You may feel that you would like to leave a short reply or thank you in response to the editor or agent’s comments. Remember to stay positive and professional and keep your comments short. Please note that they may not return to the page once they have finished their read through the pitches.

If they don’t make a request for your work, remember that this is a very subjective business and there will be many more opportunities for you to pitch. Take any feedback they give you under consideration, but also with a grain of salt, and keep on trying. Don’t get discouraged. Do keep writing.

If they do make a request for your work – Congratulations! Follow any instructions they have left for you and contact us if you have any questions. Make sure to let us know so we can help you celebrate!

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