Northern Hearts Workshop Presenations

2018 Master Class By Kelley Armstrong

Page-Turning Fiction

Genre fiction is all about entertaining and engaging the reader. This workshop will focus on ways to keep readers up into the night, turning your pages. Armstrong will provide strategies for maximizing reader engagement starting with the planning stages and continuing through to tips and tricks for picking up the pace in a completed manuscript.


Northern Hearts 2018 Workshop List

Workshop schedule coming soon!


Business Workshops

I Write Like Who? Using Librarian Skills to Better Market Your Books
By Kelly Maher

Indie 101. Staying Relevant in an Ever-Changing Landscape
By Julianna Stone and Elizabeth Grace

Marketing Is Not A Dirty Word: How to Build Genuine Reader-Writer Relationships
By Athena Wright

Marketing and Merging with Series
By Zoe York

Crafting a Series Hook and a Slam-dunk Query
By Cat Cline and Stacey Donaghy

Messing with Genre: Crossing Boundaries in the Name of the Story
By Tamsen Parker, Eli Lang, and Rain Merton


Craft Workshops

The Bedroom & Beyond
By Stefanie London and Regina Kyle

Writing a Holiday Romance
By Jennifer Snow

Short and sweet (or sexy!): Category Romance
By Mary Sullivan, Jennifer Hayward, Stefanie London, Amy Ruttan

Pitch Perfect—Crafting the Winning Log Line
By Eve Silver

Power, Pacing, and Paragraphs
By Rachael Miles

The Game is Truly Afoot
By Misty Simon


Writer’s Life

Diverting Dictation Disaster: Saving your hands while being prolific
By Shana Gray

Tips For Simple Living: How to Find Your Happy
By Penny Watson

Mentors & Critique Partners: Relationships on the Path to Publishing
By Nicki Pau Preto, Elly Blake, Morgan Rhodes, Eve Silver

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